Business Immigration Corporate Training Program

Are you hiring talent from outside the EU? Maintaining compliance and ensuring effective processes are vital aspects of supporting your organization and employees when hiring foreign talent. At Human Entrance, we understand the pivotal role knowledge plays in this journey. That’s why we’ve meticulously crafted tailor-made training programs designed to empower you to navigate these complexities with confidence and ease.


Basic training

Work Permit Regulation

Our Basic Training is designed for individuals and groups involved in recruitment. This training program equips you with essential knowledge, ensuring compliance when recruiting from outside the EU. 

Boost Your Competence

Gain a comprehensive understanding of work permit regulations and essential for lawful recruitment from non-EU countries.

Learn the fundamentals of compliance, including when and how to apply for a work permit. Acquire the necessary tools to prepare complete and accurate applications. 

Any individuals or groups involved in recruitment  

HR professionals involved in recruitment. 

Employers within global mobility, recruitment, and business. 

Advanced training

In-Depth Business Immigration Expertise

Our Advanced Training is tailored for individuals or groups within HR and Mobility who work with business immigration on a day-to-day basis. Elevate your expertise with in-depth knowledge of work permit regulations, including the Blue Card and ICT. 

Deepen your understanding of complex regulations and immigration processes, gaining the expertise needed for strategic decision-making in business immigration. 

Acquire advanced tools to support your organization’s business immigration needs, contributing strategically to global talent acquisition.

Professionals within HR and Mobility dealing with business immigration.

Elevate Your Immigration Expertise

Supercharge Your Workforce

Elevate efficiency and ensure compliance! Book our Corporate Immigration Training now and empower your HR team to navigate Global Talent Mobility with confidence. Invest in success and drive growth!